Empowering Employers to Prevent Low Back Problems

Understanding the Low Back & Human Spine

Why is it so hard to diagnose and treat?

Focusing on Prevention!

Our afternoon session, designed for HCE clients and prospects, will focus on the number one musculoskeletal cost for employers, the low back.  Trillions of dollars and millions of hours have been spent trying to prevent these conditions or treating them when prevention efforts fail.  And still, the current system in the United States has a very limited success rate toward this issue. Our afternoon session will be consist of four, 45 minute talks which explain how HCE’s integrated approach and deeper understanding of the back lead to effective prevention programs that reduce injury rates and control cost.

Low Back / Spinal Basics:  Our first session will describe the basic anatomy and function of the low back and spine in general.  This initial look at the workings of the low back and spine will help you begin to understand the complexity of this area of the human body, and the limited scope of the current US Healthcare industries understanding of these conditions.  You will learn about the bony structures, the discs, and the spinal cord /spinal nerves that are the major focus of the medical system.

The Limits of the Current System:  The second session will discuss common conditions of the low back and spine in general, and how the limited approach of the current US Healthcare system is failing you, your employees and the public at large.

A Deeper Look:  In our third session, we will explore the human spine and low back in more detail.  We will describe additional anatomical and physiological structures that can NOT be ignored. We will explain how the human spine is designed to move and support the movement of the arms and legs, and we will help you understand how the entire human body is integrated for proper function of the human spine.

Proper Treatment / Prevention:  During our final 45 minute session, we will use your newly acquired and more comprehensive understanding of the human spine to describe a proper treatment approach with a focus on the low back. We will also describe proven prevention programs that utilize this additional knowledge to increase their positive outcomes.


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