Local Provider Training

HCE provides provider training in multiple locations and on multiple topics across the United States.  We will help you select qualified medical and rehabilitation providers in your local area.  If HCE deems it necessary, and the providers agree, HCE will provide various types of testing, which might include, but not be limited to functional testing, advanced manual and exercise therapy, physical demand analysis, ergonomics, accident investigation, and other subjects that help healthcare providers understand how their actions or lack of action can and does impact our employer clients.

HCE provider training is delivered in several different formats.  We can hold traditional classroom programs with lecture and lab components, on-the-job training within our employer worksites as well as distance learning with the use of Webinars and our M-TEC program.  HCE also provides professional mentoring to our contracted providers, where a HCE senior clinician will spend the day co-evaluating and co-treating patients in their clinic.  It is one thing to learn from a book or in a classroom, yet another still, to learn on a live patient.  Our final delivery method for provider training is with our individual case oversight or mentoring program described below.

List of Proactive & Conservative Intervention Services
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