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Health Connections Enterprises offers comprehensive Population Health Management or Wellness Solutions through its strategic partner, Pro-Health Systems.  Pro-Health Systems has been providing proactive solutions to employers and providers since 1992. We have been working with Pro-Health Systems since 2000.  HCE has been exposed to many wellness providers over the years, but considers Pro-Health Systems to be the best.  We base this opinion on their knowledge, their experience, their service offerings and their ability to implement and manage a company’s wellness solutions in a professional, efficient and effective manner.  Pro-Health Systems and HCE will integrate our services to ensure a seamless delivery system, eliminating redundant services, and improving measurable outcomes.  A brief description of the Pro-Health Systems services that HCE recommends is highlighted below.

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Health Risk Appraisals

Identifying lifestyle risk factors is the first step toward reducing medical claims and developing a healthier, more productive workforce. A health risk appraisal (HRA) is the single most reliable indicator of preventable health care claims.

The HRA will provide critical health predictors so Health Connections Enterprises can:

  • Calculate individual levels of health and fitness.
  • Monitor progress of individuals, groups, and resource allocation.
  • Detail specific individual and group health care needs and risks.
  • Initiate strategic risk reduction and health education programs.

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On-Site Screenings & Health Fairs

An important element to the health risk assessment is clinical and biometric data collected on each participant. Health fair screenings are quick and comprehensive. Typically the basic minimum screenings will include measurements of height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, lipid panel, and body composition. However, many additions to the basic screenings are available.
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Individual & Aggregate Risk Reporting

HCE asks Pro-Health Systems to analyze and report the risk factors present for all respondents. The primary purpose of these reports is to provide an economic impact analysis of the group’s risk profile. The reports provide an estimate of health care cost savings that could be achieved at various levels of compliance with recommended risk reduction programs.

The two basic aggregate reports are the Executive Summary report and the Productivity and Economic Benefits report. The Executive Summary report identifies various specific areas of risk and the percent of respondents with that health risk. This report also identifies the stage of change the respondents are in and their areas of interest. The Productivity and Economic Benefits report calculates the excess cost based on those risks in health care, absenteeism, and productivity.
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Risk Stratification & Data Analytics

We can provide a series of reports and targeted profile analyses which can serve to identify, design and manage cost-effective programs and services. Research has found that certain combinations of modifiable risk factors related to lifestyle-based diseases are early indicators of the onset of near-term disease. This unique approach to data analysis separates HCE’s and Pro-Health Systems’ approach from most providers who merely collect and warehouse data.
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Health Coaching

Our health coaching program is designed to assist individuals with guidance, support, and education in making lifestyle changes necessary for improved health and wellness. This program will ultimately help prevent or reduce risk factors associated with heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cancer. Specific areas of focus include weight management, physical activity, nutrition, and smoking cessation. The program looks at multiple risk factors and intervenes to prevent or delay the onset of chronic diseases. This approach is much more proactive than traditional disease management programs that only identify a candidate for intervention once medical claims have been incurred.
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Online Interventions

If one-on-one health coaching is time- or cost-prohibitive, or your organization reaches across multiple sites, online interventions present an effective alternative. We offer one of the most sophisticated online self-help intervention programs on the market. This Client-branded health website is completely customizable, from location specific activities to individualized, confidential employee applications. Employees can log in to their own private website and gain access to a multitude of health interventions and interactive resources. Online health coaches are available 24/7 via telephone, e-mail, live chat, webinar, videoconference, the user-friendly web platform, or even in person.

Participants also have the freedom to enroll in programs specifically focused on their areas of interest, utilize nutrition or activity logs, compete in monthly activities, or take their health assessment. Outcomes reports track monthly activities with an emphasis on increasing engagement and target market penetration.
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Portal features:

  • Unlimited access to health coaches for all employees
  • Individually tailored programs
  • Personalized data dashboard
  • Creative and customized health action programs
  • Individualized health management tools
  • Trusted health education and information
  • Location specific activities
  • Microsoft HealthVault integration

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Outcomes Measurement & Evaluation

Collecting data only tells half the story. Analyzing and evaluating data and its impact over time determines what action steps should be implemented in a cost-effective manner. The outcomes that are typically measured include:

  • Health risk categories and prevalence within the population
  • Total number of risks for the population
  • Healthy practices
  • Cluster of risks related to costly preventable diseases
  • Excessive healthcare costs related to elevated risk
  • Productivity and absenteeism costs related to costly risks
  • Longitudinal risk flow and trend analysis

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