On-Site Physical Therapy

HCE can provide full or part-time physical therapy services on-site at select employer facilities.  The HCE physical therapists will be highly trained in advanced manual and exercise therapy techniques, physical demand analysis, ergonomics, injury investigation, and behavioral modification principles.  In the few States where there is no, or limited, direct access to physical therapy care (IE: still requires a physician referral), this program will be coordinated with your company physician’s office.

In the HCE On-site physical therapy program, the initial and subsequent evaluation(s) of your employee’s condition MUST be performed by a licensed physical therapist that is approved by both Health Connections Enterprises and our employer client.  At the time of the initial and subsequent evaluations, the physical therapist will take a history of your employee’s current complaint and any past medical history; will perform an objective evaluation of their posture, range of motion, strength, neurological status, joint and soft tissue function, and will perform other specific testing as determined by the physical therapist is his or her discretion. After the initial and subsequent assessments, the therapist will explain his or her findings, as well as, his or her recommended treatment plan.

To ensure safety, a medical release may be needed before an assessment can be started and/or completed. If your employee has any serious medical conditions or past injuries/illness this assessment might not be performed without clearance from their personal physician. As your employee’s health status improves, their program may include the YMCA Step Test (a sub-maximal baseline cardiovascular test) or other sub-maximal cardiovascular and functional test.

The treatment applied to your employee, with their consent, in the onsite physical therapy program may include, but not be limited to, joint and soft tissue mobilization / manipulation, exercise instruction and performance (with or without equipment), appropriate education about their body and the healing / recovery process and other relevant treatments or subjects that may be deemed appropriate by the therapist(s).

The goals of physical therapy in any HCE setting are to restore normal joint / soft tissue function to allow safe, pain free function with work and home activities. Only treatment delivered by a licensed physical therapist under this program is considered onsite physical therapy.

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