Welcome to Health Connections Enterprises

Health Connections Enterprises helps employers of all sizes prevent and manage one of the most common and costly issues in today’s workplace—musculoskeletal problems and injuries.

Not only do musculoskeletal injuries account for nearly eighty percent of all workers’ compensation costs, but they are typically one of the top three most expensive diagnostic categories within employer health plans.  Health Connections Enterprises takes the position that the current healthcare model addressing the musculoskeletal system is inappropriate and ineffective. The current approach leads to unnecessary medical costs, reoccurring injuries, more absenteeism / presenteeism, excessive employee turnover, additional hidden costs, and significant suffering for employees / patients.

This is why Health Connections Enterprises formulated an innovative shift to the current methodology related to the musculoskeletal system. Our approach leads to the prevention and proper management of musculoskeletal conditions. The fundamental tenet of the Health Connections Enterprises’ position is that the overwhelming majority of musculoskeletal conditions treated within our healthcare system are not diseases or pathologies, and we should, therefore, not try to treat them with the traditional medical model.

Health Connections Enterprises advocates that proactive employers should develop strategic partnerships with physical therapists that can demonstrate advanced clinical and operational skills.  These highly skilled physical therapists, serving employers as musculoskeletal primary care givers, have proven to reduce musculoskeletal claims, associated costs, employee turnover, and the unnecessary suffering from these conditions.  <Read More>