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It’s great to be a physical therapist with Health Connections Enterprises! Our physical therapists are highly skilled in manual and exercise therapy, and cross trained  in ergonomics, physical demand analysis, functional testing, accident investigation, and much more. As a physical therapist for Health Connections Enterprises, you will be in a position of leadership within our employer clients.

You will help set up prevention programs, facilitate early intervention systems and guide the musculoskeletal care of our client’s employees and dependents. You will work closely with other physical therapists in the community, as well as, local physicians when referrals are necessary. Your patient’s safety is your foremost responsibility!

Some of our physical therapists join HCE with all the skills they need to be a fully productive member of the HCE clinical team. These therapists may even be ready to consider our instructor development program, which can allow them to teach HCE courses and earn extra income. Others are enrolled in our generous “internal” continuing education and professional mentoring programs and develop any skills they lack at the time of hire.{link to description of continuing education / mentoring section of Provider Services area.}

The best physical therapy candidates for HCE positions are energetic, enthusiastic, positive and confident. We enjoy physical therapists that already have a solid skill set in manual and exercise therapy or orthopedics, with a strong desire to learn more. Strong communication skills at all levels within an organization and critical thinking skills are a must.

Did we mention that we are NOT burdened by excessive documentation, and that we get to care for our patients throughout their time with the company (our clients), and not just for the number of visits “approved” by some insurance carrier(s). We deal with the patient’s needs, regardless of their “method of payment.”

If you are tired of the current musculoskeletal healthcare system within the United States and are looking for an exciting opportunity to put your skills to work, then consider joining the HCE clinical team.

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