HCE'S Musculoskeletal-Triage, Education/Exercise and Communication (M-TEC) program is live in select markets. We are working on the final aspects of integrating this program with our website.
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  • Manual and Exercise Therapy Program
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  • Employer Focused Program
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  • Mentorship Program
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  • Approved Providers / Centers of Excellence
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Manual and Exercise Therapy Program

There are many schools of thought related to manual and exercise therapy. Many of these schools of thought can be classified as mechanical, neurological, physiological, behavioral, or movement-based approaches. HCE believes there is merit to each of these approaches and therefore incorporates the best techniques from each of these philosophies into our functionally integrated approach to manual and exercise therapy. The two main underlying themes that permeate the HCE educational programs are summarized below. A more comprehensive understanding of HCE’s view of the musculoskeletal system can be gained by downloading the article titled HCE’s Clinical Approach (should be a link to this article, but will require some basic info be given first).
The first of HCE’s main underlying themes is summarized here: that the overwhelming majority of musculoskeletal conditions that are treated in the healthcare system of the United States are inefficient movements or daily functions that have exhausted the body’s capacity to repair itself. Musculoskeletal conditions of this nature are NOT diseases or pathologies, and the best healthcare professionals for preventing and treating these conditions are expertly trained orthopaedic manual and exercise physical therapists.
The second main theme of the HCE continuing education programs is that the human body is a highly integrated, regenerative & living machine. Therefore, we must NOT focus on establishing a “label” or specific tissue that is the basis of the patient’s complaint, but instead look to the functional and integrated causes leading this tissue to begin to fail. With these two main themes as a back drop, you can explore the specific course offerings within our manual and exercise therapy program. READ MORE >

Employer Focused Program

This series of courses from HCE focuses on integrating the rehabilitation professional into the operational world of employers. The “courses” in this series can be offered in either a lecture/lab format similar to our manual and exercise therapy series or in an “on-the-job-training” format. HCE will teach participants in this program the fundamental concepts and specific techniques for delivering a high value group of services to employers. HCE will demonstrate how your advanced clinical skill set related to the human musculoskeletal system makes you uniquely qualified to deliver these services. HCE will also demonstrate specific HCE products and tools that can be utilized to make the delivery of these employer focused programs more efficient.

Course content may include the various types of HCE functional testing, the HCE physical demand validation process, the HCE ergonomic analysis and class room training program, other musculoskeletal educational services, plus HCE wellness services and professional consultation services geared toward employers. Providers can undergo the HCE Employer Focused Training program in order to become an HCE Approved Provider / HCE Center of Excellence or to sell and perform these services within their market place, supported by HCE or independently.


Mentorship Program

Continuing education courses are a valuable method of expanding one’s knowledge base and skill set over time. However, we all know that working with an expert/senior clinician on actual patient situations is even more valuable. With this in mind, HCE offers the following professional mentoring opportunities.

On-site Clinical Mentoring – HCE can provide an expert/senior clinician, typically an instructor in the HCE continuing education programs, for onsite mentoring of a rehabilitation facility’s professional staff. This on-site mentoring will be related to current and new patients being seen at the rehabilitation facility. HCE expert/senior clinical staff will not serve in lieu of Provider’s professional staff, but will serve along-side of Provider’s professional staff in an educational, mentoring capacity. It is possible that this onsite mentoring could qualify for Supervised Hours under one or more clinical residency programs.

Specific Patient, Off-Site Mentoring - HCE expert/senior clinicians can provide input and mentoring on specific patients being seen by a rehabilitation facility’s professional staff. This is an excellent and cost effective way to extend the value of the HCE continuing education programs and to provide exceptional outcomes to your patient population. It is anticipated that this off-site mentoring could be provided via telephone or through various electronic means available through HCE Products and Tools.


Approved Providers / Centers of Excellence

HCE is not about bricks and mortar! We recognize that we don’t need to own and operate everything, and that there are already quality physical therapists and physicians that are just as frustrated as HCE. These providers currently agree with the HCE musculoskeletal model or are willing to explore it with us.

We need providers like you to accomplish our mission and vision. If you agree that the musculoskeletal conditions facing our Nation can be effectively, efficiently and safely impacted by highly skilled physical therapists working with their physician colleagues, and want to be considered for inclusion in our Approved Provider directory, please submit the appropriate form. We will acknowledge your submission, review your information and let you know of any opportunities in your area. To become an HCE Center of Excellence, at least one third of your professional staff must have completed, or successfully challenged, both the HCE Manual & Exercise Therapy Program and the HCE Employer Focused Program.

Thank you for your interest in Health Connections Enterprises!

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