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Across the country, hospitals and healthcare providers are striving to find innovative and affordable ways to improve the overall health of the communities they serve, while continuing to survive decreasing reimbursements and increasing regulations. One way to do this is to develop key partnerships with area employers as their provider of choice. To create these relationships, however, providers must become experts in areas including musculoskeletal health, safety, disease prevention, risk management, customer service, and professional sales—an often difficult and financially demanding endeavor.

That’s where Health Connections Enterprises comes in.

Health Connections Enterprises has a unique approach to employer relationships. Our employer strategy is focused on our fundamental vision and mission centered on the need to dramatically change the musculoskeletal health paradigm in the United States.  If you read about our plans to address this significant problem facing employers and our Country as a whole, and want to join us, we can help you develop or modify your personalized employer strategy. We also can assist you, as a potential first step, in reducing the cost of worker’s compensation and general health claims associated with musculoskeletal conditions of your own employees and their dependents.

Health Connections Enterprises provides a comprehensive set of solutions designed to help providers offer the very best in employee health, wellness, and risk management services. We provide business development services, clinical training for staff, and constant access to a centralized call center that acts as the communication “hub” between your facility and our employer accounts. In addition, our unique collaborative approach will help foster strong relationships between your hospital and area physicians. Read more about our Provider Services or complete this form {link to health System form}and an Officer of Health Connections Enterprises will contact you.

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