Prevention & Wellness Services

In order to prevent a musculoskeletal problem and keep ourselves well, we need to KNOW how the human movement system works, what forces and tasks we are asking our bodies to do (at work, rest and play) and what physical limitations we have.  With these three pieces of information, we can prevent musculoskeletal problems and live a healthy and productive life.

With these key concepts blended into our advanced understanding of the human movement system, HCE has developed a unique approach to the prevention and wellbeing of the musculoskeletal system.  HCE’s approach to musculoskeletal health typically begins with a physical demand analysis (PDA).  The information gathered during the PDA can be used to create or update your functional job descriptions (FJD), used to develop your functional testing program, used in your educational programs, used to develop customized, job specific group exercise programs, as well as, being used as a foundation to your M-TEC Program.  You will also find that the PDA data can be incorporated into your wellness programs, and used to interact with local healthcare providers working with your employees.  One other valuable prevention and wellness service that HCE has to offer is ergonomics.  HCE’s approach to ergonomics again incorporates our advanced understanding of the human movement system and, therefore, delivers more value to you and your employees. You can continue to read more about our prevention and wellness services here on our website, or contact HCE directly to discuss your specific needs.

HCE’s Prevention and Wellness Services are described in more detail in the following sections:

  1. Physical Demand Analysis (Measuring the Forces of Work)
  2. Functional Job Descriptions (Incorporating physical demands)
  3. Ergonomic Analysis & Training Programs (Identifying risks and intervene)
  4. Functional Testing (New Hires, Existing Employees, Return To Work)
  5. Musculoskeletal & General Health Education Programs (Employee/Supervisors)
  6. Customized / Job Specific Exercise Programs
  7. Health Risk Appraisals (with and without biometrics)
  8. Wellness Solutions (Proactive, Efficient and Effective)
  9. Provider Liaison (Primary focus on Musculoskeletal System)
  10. M-TEC Program (Musculoskeletal Triage, Education/Exercise & Communication

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