About HCE

Health Connections Enterprises believes that the majority of musculoskeletal conditions are actually the human movement system at various stages of tissue failure.  This tissue failure is secondary to inappropriate actions/behaviors on the part of the individual, either at work or play.  Most of these inappropriate actions can be attributed to a lack of understanding of the human musculoskeletal system.  Our approach can identify improper movements, well beyond simple ergonomic principles, and correct them before they create reduced productivity, injuries or medical claims!  In cases where musculoskeletal problems do develop, Health Connections Enterprises’ approach goes well beyond the simple treatment of the employee’s symptoms or pain.

We identify the underlying cause or “internal drivers” within the body that are “manifesting” as the individual’s problem or complaint.  By aggressively addressing the underlying cause, the employee’s complaints are eliminated and do not return!  Health Connections Enterprises can go one step further as well.  We can evaluate the employee’s work and leisure activities to determine any “external drivers” that are producing the employee’s problem or hampering their recovery.  These “external drivers” must be corrected for a long-term, comprehensive solution.

Employers that fully embrace the Health Connections Enterprises’ model can begin to control costs through prevention and conservative management. Our solutions not only represent a radical change in the current musculoskeletal paradigm, but include the streamlining of healthcare delivery, the implementation of research-based employee health and risk management programs, and the integration of our proactive service lines with traditional occupational health and safety programs.

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