Prevention & Wellness Services

There is growing recognition that the US “Healthcare” system is not a “health” care system at all, but a “sick” care system.  There have been many attempts to fix the system over the years, but most have had little impact or failed miserably.  There is, however, a fix…Prevention and Wellness!

Preventing injuries and illnesses of the musculoskeletal system and costly illnesses of the other systems of the human body are absolutely tied together.  Think about it.  What do we tell people to do to keep their heart strong and fit?  Have a good diet.  Exercise correctly.  Manage your stress level, and avoid things that have been shown to be “toxic” to your body.  Is this any different for your brain, your bones, your muscles, or any other tissue or system of the body?  Absolutely NOT!  But what is the key factor that makes starting with a focus on the musculoskeletal system the best idea?    It is PAIN!

Pain is extremely motivating to everyone.  Everyone has been in pain at one time or another in his or her lives and nobody likes it.  Health Connections Enterprises can help your employees avoid pain or rapidly get them out of pain, and this gets their attention.  Once we have their attention, we can help them establish healthy habits, so the “pain” will never come back again.  We can help them with things like proper movement (we call that exercise); proper fuel for their muscles / bones (we call that proper diet); avoiding the things that promote irritation and pain (we call that avoiding toxins and managing stress).

So you see, the starting point may be PAIN, but the result is a long, happy, healthy and productive life.  The benefit to them is obvious.  The benefit to your organization is increased productivity, decreased claims costs, decreased turnover and ultimately increased profits.  To learn more about the specific products or services that can make up your prevention and wellness program, select one of the links below.

Physical Demand Analysis (Measuring the Forces of Work)
Functional Job Descriptions (Incorporating physical demands)
Ergonomic Analysis & Training Programs (Identify risks and intervene)
Functional Testing (New Hires, Existing Employees, Return to Work)
Musculoskeletal & General Health Education Programs (Employee/Supervisors)
Customized / Job Specific Exercise Programs
Health Risk Appraisals (with and without biometrics)
Wellness Solutions (Proactive, Efficient and Effective)
Provider Liaison (Primary focus on Musculoskeletal System)
M-TEC Program (Musculoskeletal Triage, Education/Exercise & Communication)

Find out more about how Health Connections Enterprises can assist you in properly managing musculoskeletal conditions that stem from either work related or non-work-related situations by reviewing our Proactive & Conservative Intervention programs.