Musculoskeletal – Triage, Exercise / Education & Communication (M-TEC)

When compared to the current U.S. healthcare industry’s approach to musculoskeletal problems, HCE has developed a comprehensive system to work with employers, payers and patients in an extremely safe, cost effective and clinically superior way. HCE’s M-TEC program is typically utilized by our employer & payer clients, but can be customized for proactive rehabilitation providers as a means of maintaining professional contact with your patient base. Once the HCE M-TEC program has been implemented in your market, past patients and other interested individuals or groups can access the service. HCE’s M-TEC team will manage the Call Center, Triage the patient and take the most appropriate course of action for that patient. If we refer the patient to a physician, the referral will be credited to your practice. If the patient needs home exercises and some education, the information can be branded with your practice’s logo and name. If they need face to face clinical evaluation and treatment, they will be referred to your facility. HCE’s M-TEC program is a perfect business development and marketing strategy for those healthcare providers that have fully embraced the HCE Clinical Approach. For a detailed look at the HCE Clinical Approach, (Link?) request the HCE article with this name, simply by clicking on the preceding link.