HCE'S Musculoskeletal-Triage, Education/Exercise and Communication (M-TEC) program is live in select markets. We are working on the final aspects of integrating this program with our website.
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Executive Team

Because HCE’s Vision and Mission are dependent upon highly skilled physical therapists across the Nation, our Executive Team is made up of Expert Physical Therapists with over a Century (125+ years) of professional experience, and hundreds of thousands of hours of patient care and clinical education of other therapists. Seated on your right in the above image is David M. Hatrel, PT, MTC, DPT the President/CEO of Health Connections Enterprises. Standing on the right is Bjorn W. Svendsen, DHSc, PT, FFAAOMPT our Clinical/Operations Specialist. Gavin E. Hamer, PT, Dip. MT, DPT, FAAOMPT is standing on the left and serves as HCE’s Vice President of our Clinical Education and Resource Team. You can learn more about the individual education, experience, and role within HCE of our Executive team by selecting their name or individual image. READ MORE >

David M. Hatrel, PT, MTC, DPT

President / CEO READ MORE >

Gavin E. Hamer, PT, Dip. MT, DPT, FAAOMPT

Vice President of Continuing Education & Resource Team READ MORE >

Bjorn W. Svendsen, DHSc, PT

Founding Fellow, American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy

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