HCE'S Musculoskeletal-Triage, Education/Exercise and Communication (M-TEC) program is live in select markets. We are working on the final aspects of integrating this program with our website.
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The last 50 years have been amazing in regard to technological advances in the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Unfortunately, these technological advances have done little to curb the rate of cost increases and the rising level of disability associated with musculoskeletal problems. The Executive Team at Health Connections Enterprises believes that there are several fundamental flaws in the current way the musculoskeletal system is viewed and treated within the U.S. Healthcare System. You can get a better understanding of HCE’s clinical approach  by requesting a copy of our summary document by the same title or attending any of our continuing education courses.

Health Connections Enterprises focuses on the musculoskeletal system! The musculoskeletal system accounts for over eighty percent of the costs within the workman's compensation system, and is typically seen as one of the top three diagnostic categories within the general health system of U.S. employers. In addition, pain or other problems manifesting in the musculoskeletal system can often act as an early warning sign for more serious, more costly or even life threatening medical diseases. Early suspicion of these underlying medical conditions, by ruling out true musculoskeletal pain or problems, can not only lead to cost savings, but may prevent unnecessary suffering or even the unnecessary loss of life. The overwhelming portion of all healthcare related costs is borne by employers.

Furthermore, positive intervention strategies for musculoskeletal problems, such as appropriate exercise, proper nutrition, proper hydration and healthy weight management, are extremely effective at reducing risk, cost and disability across all body systems. Properly trained rehabilitation specialists are the best healthcare providers to address these issues. HCE advocates that rehabilitation providers should develop strong relationships with employers in their markets.

Health Connections Enterprises facilitates a strategic partnership between highly proficient healthcare providers and forward thinking employers, and is dedicated to the reduction of musculoskeletal costs associated with workman's compensation and general health insurance. HCE’s focus is on prevention and conservative management of any musculoskeletal claims that do occur. In addition to cost reduction, Health Connections Enterprises has been successful in improving productivity, reducing absenteeism and reducing employee turnover. We've achieved success for our employer clients through our unique clinical focus and our refreshing new approach to an age-old problem, musculoskeletal claims!

We are constantly striving to find like-minded healthcare providers to help us carry out our vision and mission. We offer advanced provider-focused services designed to help our healthcare partners meet the needs of our employer clients and other employers in their local markets. I encourage you to take a closer look at our services (Continuing Education Opportunities, Business Development Opportunities, Operational Consulting Opportunities, HCE Products and Tools, Approved Providers / Centers of Excellence) and then contact HCE to find out how we might help you.


Continuing Education Opportunities

HCE’s mission and vision focus on a change in the current musculoskeletal health mindset and healthcare delivery system within the United States. Our position is that the current focus is ineffective, inefficient and excessively costly, because it attempts to label and treat musculoskeletal conditions as specific diseases or pathologies. HCE believes that the majority of musculoskeletal conditions are prolonged, inefficient movement patterns that eventually exhaust the body’s ability to repair itself. The more inefficient the movement pattern, the more rapid the body loses its ability to repair itself.

The focus of the HCE continuing education & professional mentoring service line is on the professional development of orthopaedic physical therapists into the most appropriate, effective and efficient healthcare professionals to serve as musculoskeletal primary care givers. HCE believes that expertly trained physical therapists taking the lead, but still working with their physician colleagues, can prevent most musculoskeletal problems, and better control the costs of any musculoskeletal conditions that do manifest. HCE further believes and advocates that developing professional relationships with employers of all sizes and types is the most effective method of controlling musculoskeletal healthcare costs in the United States. HCE trains physical therapists that will work in both an industrial setting and in various clinical settings within the outpatient therapy delivery system. To learn more about the overall HCE Clinical Approach (should link to an article that we will supply, will require some basic info be entered) you can request our article with this name or contact HCE directly. The evaluation and treatment techniques taught by HCE can be used across all patient conditions payer classifications.

HCE offers two comprehensive series of courses. The first series of courses, offered primarily in a lecture/lab format, focuses on functionally integrated manual and exercise therapy. The second series of courses offered in either a lecture/lab format OR in an “on-the-job-training” format, focuses on employer services such as functional testing, ergonomics, musculoskeletal educational services, wellness services and consultation services geared toward employers. HCE also offers a mentorship program to our provider partners and the opportunity for a facility to become HCE approved providers or an HCE Center of Excellence. Brief descriptions of each course series are contained in their respective sections.


Business Development Opportunities

Health Connections Enterprises’ main business development efforts are focused toward large (200 or more employees at a given location) employers with significant material handling tasks. HCE typically seeks quality rehabilitation providers in the local markets surrounding our larger employer clients. Once we have secured a basic relationship with these local providers, typically the performance of our functional testing program, HCE often works with these local providers to fully embrace the HCE Clinical Model and Employer Focused Programs. HCE can take an active and visible role in helping quality healthcare providers develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships with employers of all sizes.

The Executive Team of Health Connections Enterprises has extensive experience in the development of this type of relationship. Our programs have proven to reduce overall claims costs for the employer clients, while simultaneously expanding market share and employer-based revenues for our provider partners. HCE has specific business development strategies targeted at large, medium and small employers; insurance companies and agents, case managers and physician groups. Each of these strategies can be customized for free standing rehabilitation or medical facilities, as well as, comprehensive acute care systems. Improve your clinical outcomes and become the provider of choice for the best payer source in your market, employers and their associated vendors. Contact HCE to find out more.


Operational Consulting Opportunities

Health Connections Enterprises has extensive experience in the successful development and operation of rehabilitation facilities, and has consulted with many acute care facilities on this and other subject matter. Many of our healthcare provider partners learn that the HCE Clinical Approach can be fully embraced and lead them to better clinical and financial outcomes.

HCE is often consulted to help these providers achieve this higher level of accomplishment. If requested, HCE can assist our provider partners in the areas of professional staffing models, staff development, staff recruiting, equipment selection, layout and training, patient flow, documentation, billing & collections, and much more.

Each of our operational consulting relationships is customized to meet the needs of the specific provider. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you, and encourage you to contact HCE about our services.


Products and Tools

HCE has a proven track record in the areas of manual & exercise therapy, as well as, employer focused services. Over the years, HCE has developed several products and tools that make the delivery of our clinical and employer services more efficient and effective. These products and tools are either directly owned by HCE or by HCE Strategic Partners, and are available for purchase or monthly subscription to our provider partners.

All of our products and tools are in harmony with our clinical approach and serve to support physical therapists in the delivery of both clinical and employer focused services. You can search our data base of over six thousand videos demonstrating exercises or manual therapy techniques, put together a custom patient education program, and communicate securely with both healthcare and non-healthcare related referral sources. Selecting the Read More option will take you to short descriptions of each product and tool. Take a few minutes to explore the HCE products and tools a little deeper and then contact HCE to schedule an online demo and free trial of each service you are interested in.


Approved Providers / Centers of Excellence

HCE is not about bricks and mortar! We recognize that we don’t need to own and operate everything, and that there are already quality physical therapists and physicians that are just as frustrated as HCE. These providers currently agree with the HCE musculoskeletal model or are willing to explore it with us.

We need providers like you to accomplish our mission and vision. If you agree that the musculoskeletal conditions facing our Nation can be effectively, efficiently and safely impacted by highly skilled physical therapists working with their physician colleagues, and want to be considered for inclusion in our Approved Provider directory, please submit the appropriate form. We will acknowledge your submission, review your information and let you know of any opportunities in your area. To become an HCE Center of Excellence, at least one third of your professional staff must have completed, or successfully challenged, both the HCE Manual & Exercise Therapy Program and the HCE Employer Focused Program.

Thank you for your interest in Health Connections Enterprises!

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