Brief Site Analysis

Before HCE starts to treat a patient or an employer client, we must understand the specific situation driving the problem.  Therefore, HCE typically performs a brief site analysis to fully comprehend the current situation and trends of our employer clients. While our analysis may be focused on the musculoskeletal system as it relates to both workers compensation and general health costs, we believe that the musculoskeletal system should not be, and cannot be, isolated from other systems of the Human body.  For this reason, HCE typically blends its services with your current safety and wellness programs and can supplement them when necessary. If you decide to become a participant in our Small Group Program, your Basic Membership Package will include your initial and annual brief site analysis.

The specific components of the analysis typically consist of an offsite data review of worker’s compensation and general health data (costs, incidence numbers, the typical length of cases, diagnostic / body region trends, absenteeism / presenteeism, and any available productivity numbers), offsite review of process documents related to your hiring process (job descriptions, applications, drug screening or other pre-hire testing, initial safety training, etc.), offsite review of your injury reporting / accident investigation and a telephonic discussion with your workers compensation adjusting firm and or brokerage house (last step is optional at this point).

This brief site analysis can also include an on-site visit.  From an onsite perspective, HCE typically has process discussions (pros and cons of the current system) with your human resources department, safety department and/or risk management department, or the individuals with these responsibilities.  While onsite, we would also take a brief walk through of the facilities and observe employees working in their normal fashion, paying particular attention to any problem jobs or tasks previously identified.  Interviewing actual employees that have experienced a work related or home related musculoskeletal problem or injury, to get their perspective on the way the system treated them, is often included.

While onsite or with the cooperation of the local HCE Approved Provider, we also recommend that we demonstrate one of our comprehensive functional evaluations.  This demonstration allows you to see one of our services in the works and helps you to begin to comprehend the unique approach of HCE’s Solutions.

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