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Supervised Exercise Specialists that work for HCE are critical to our Vision and Mission. Health Connections Enterprises advocates that the majority of musculoskeletal conditions developed in the U. S. are in appropriate movement patterns performed too often, thereby leading to tissue breakdown, pain, and dysfunction. As a Supervised Exercise Specialist for HCE, you will work with an HCE physical therapist within our employer clients. Your role will be to teach and supervise exercises and functional activities for employees and dependents that have been evaluated and possibly treated by an HCE physical therapist.

The evaluation and treatment delivered by the HCE physical therapist will serve several functions:

1) To ensure that the employee’s complaint is in fact a musculoskeletal problem and NOT a more serious or sinister medical condition.

2) To determine if any outside referrals are needed for consult, testing or treatment.

3) To determine and deliver any joint and/or soft tissue manipulations/mobilizations that are needed to initiate or accelerate objective outcomes to each case.

4) To re-evaluate employees and dependents in order to document progress, adjust treatment plans, coordinate outside referrals and facilitate discharge from the program.

Both the HCE physical therapist and you, an HCE Supervised Exercise Specialist, will evaluate employee work stations to identify unnecessary risks and / or design job specific exercise programs that will keep the employees safe and comfortable in their jobs.

Licensed Physical Therapy Assistants are highly valuable to HCE in the role of a Supervised Exercise Specialist. Not only do they have the necessary back ground in clinical exercise, but they also can help with many of the joint or soft tissue techniques that may be necessary before each exercise session. Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants make and excellent team in the traditional healthcare system. Within HCE, this team work can even yield greater results. Depending upon the relevant laws in specific State’s and the needs of each employer client, other professionals that Health Connections Enterprises may consider for our Supervised Exercise Specialist positions would include Certified Athletic Trainers, Licensed Massage Therapists (cross trained as certified personal trainers) and individuals with Degrees in Clinical Exercise Physiology or Kinesiology.

If you are tired of the current musculoskeletal healthcare system within the United States and are looking for an exciting opportunity to put your skills to work, then consider joining the HCE clinical team.

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