Getting to Know HCE

Health Connections Enterprises was founded by a proactive group of musculoskeletal experts  and is actively supported by many business leaders, healthcare and insurance executives, professional associations and institutions of higher learning. Our team is dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to healthcare and industrial marketplaces, and to improving musculoskeletal health in the United States.

The result is not just a new approach to treating musculoskeletal conditions; but rather a comprehensive paradigm shift, from disease and pathology-based education and treatment, to a system of education and treatment based upon precision movement, health, wellness and function. HCE advocates that highly skilled manual physical therapists are the best equipped to deliver these services.

This dynamic change to the current paradigm and methodology promotes prevention and proper management of musculoskeletal conditions in the workplace and health care system.  In turn, this reduces workplace injuries, limits reoccurring injuries, and gets injured employees back to optimal health while reducing overall healthcare costs.

Executive Team

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