HCE'S Musculoskeletal-Triage, Education/Exercise and Communication (M-TEC) program is live in select markets. We are working on the final aspects of integrating this program with our website.
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About HCE

Health Connections Enterprises believes that the majority of musculoskeletal conditions are actually the human movement system at various stages of tissue failure. This tissue failure is secondary to inappropriate actions/behaviors on the part of the individual, either at work or play. Most of these inappropriate actions can be attributed to a lack of understanding of the human musculoskeletal system. Our approach can identify improper movements, well beyond simple ergonomic principles, and correct them before they create reduced productivity, injuries or medical claims! In cases where musculoskeletal problems do develop, Health Connections Enterprises’ approach goes well beyond the simple treatment of the employee’s symptoms or pain. READ MORE >

Getting To Know HCE

Health Connections Enterprises was founded by a proactive group of musculoskeletal experts and is actively supported by many business leaders, healthcare and insurance executives, professional associations and institutions of higher learning. Our team is dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to healthcare and industrial marketplaces, and to improving musculoskeletal health in the United States. READ MORE >

Executive Team

Health Connections Enterprises specializes in the prevention and conservative treatment of musculoskeletal problems. We bring a unique perspective to the seemingly overwhelming issue. Health Connections Enterprises will change the current musculoskeletal paradigm in the United States and work with employers in the United States to do so. The core of everything we do at HCE is dependent upon our model of evaluation and treatment, no matter if this is in a clinical setting, or while evaluating a work process within an employer client.

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Employment and Approved Provider Opportunities

Our Vision, at Health Connections Enterprises, is to formulate a change in the methodology surrounding musculoskeletal health in the United States that will lead to prevention and proper management of musculoskeletal conditions in the workplace and in the general population.

Our Mission is to have this new methodology spread across the United States, making HCE the premiere supplier of musculoskeletal solutions to employers. We believe that placing highly skilled physical therapists in musculoskeletal primary care roles within employers can accomplish the HCE vision and mission.

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Health Connections Enterprises
2045 Broadwater Avenue
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Billings Montana 59106
phone: 866-398-9169
fax: 866-398-9169
email: info@health-connections.us READ MORE >

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Health Connections Enterprises
Houston, TX
phone: 866-398-9169
fax: 866-398-9169
email: info@health-connections.us

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