Basic Membership Package

Most small employers and some large employers that become clients of HCE, decide to enroll in our Small Groups Program.  The Small Group Program is priced on a sliding scale based up the employer’s size and number of locations.  With this program, each employer will receive a Basic Membership Package and Preferred Pricing on any additional HCE services they request.  Your basic membership package would include the initial and annual analysis, reserved seating in local/regional HCE events designed to teach you how to perform various HCE services and/or give you knowledge about the musculoskeletal system that will help you control these issues, monthly HCE newsletters, and HCE administrative & oversight services.  The structure of this program is such that you will have the necessary knowledge to prevent and properly manage musculoskeletal risks and claims, and have additional access to HCE staff and/or services as the need arises.  If you should request additional HCE services, you will receive our preferred pricing schedule.