Secure Patient Image and Video Sharing

As physical therapists we get a significant amount of information from a patient’s history and ongoing subjective reports. However, physical therapists also rely on what they OBSERVE or SEE when they look at a patient’s posture and movements. Until now, the need to SEE a patient has hampered physical therapists from entering the “telemedicine” market. There is NOBODY better to triage and assess a musculoskeletal complaint than a physical therapist. With this in mind, HCE has developed a simple, cost effective mobile APP that can gather simple patient information, images and videos of requested movement patterns, and transmit them securely to a healthcare provider’s location for analysis. Based upon verbal, written and multimedia interactions, healthcare providers utilizing this secure HCE APP will be able to determine the most appropriate course of action for their patient: referral to another healthcare professional, home based treatment or exercise, or scheduling a visit at the PT clinic. This patient care APP is available to qualified healthcare providers with or without professional support from HCE. To find out more about this HCE Product and Tool, send an inquiry by contacting HCE and requesting an online demonstration.