HCE'S Musculoskeletal-Triage, Education/Exercise and Communication (M-TEC) program is live in select markets. We are working on the final aspects of integrating this program with our website.
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M-TEC Program

At Health Connections Enterprises, we are always looking for efficient and cost effective ways to help people with musculoskeletal problems. HCE Senior Clinicians are dedicated to improving the University based Physical Therapy education system by teaching several key courses at select Physical Therapy programs across the Country. Through our Post Graduate continuing education & certification process, we are elevating the knowledge base and functional outcomes achieved by seasoned physical therapists.
In addition, the HCE M-TEC Program allows HCE clinicians to reach out directly to patients, employer clients, payers, physicians and therapy providers across the Country, without having to catch a “red-eye” flight or drive across the States. “M-TEC” stands for Musculoskeletal – Triage, Education/Exercise and Communication. HCE Senior Clinicians have extensive clinical and educational experience and have “captured” this vast experience in our WEB based, State of the Art software platform. HCE uses the M-TEC platform to provide improved access and support to patients, clinical guidance & oversight to providers, and management, suggestions or guidance to employers and payers. As the program’s name implies, M-TEC is all about the musculoskeletal health system, patient safety, education and exercise, and is set inside a cost effective, securely encrypted communication platform. On a case by case basis, HCE M-TEC clinicians can refer specific patients to HCE Approved Providers and provide Individual Case Oversight as necessary. To learn more about the specifics of M-TEC, just select one of the Read More links. READ MORE >

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