Find an Approved Provider

By spending some time on the Health Connections Enterprises website or talking to any of our employees, you will discover that we think and act differently regarding the musculoskeletal system. Our current healthcare system addresses musculoskeletal conditions inappropriately and ineffectively. <Read more>

In order to combat this massive problem, Health Connections Enterprises places highly skilled manual and exercise physical therapists within medium to large employers. The HCE physical therapists serve in a musculoskeletal primary care role, focusing on prevention and the proper treatment of any musculoskeletal conditions that do surface.

But what if you don’t work for an employer that is an HCE client? How do you benefit from the new model of care that HCE is spreading? You seek out and find an Approved Provider of Health Connections Enterprises!

The HCE Approved Providers or Facilities have demonstrated, and continue to demonstrate, a specialization in the prevention and proper treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. These providers are highly specialized in recognizing the true CAUSE of your condition. HCE Approved Providers can deliver the most effective treatment to alleviate your complaints quickly, and can help you understand how to keep the condition from coming back.

Many of the HCE Approved Providers have undergone extensive training delivered by HCE Clinical Education and Resource Team. ALL of the HCE Approved Providers have agreed to allow HCE to oversee or monitor the treatment being delivered to HCE clients within their facilities. In this way, you can receive the type of care you should expect for your musculoskeletal condition, no matter where you work or even when you are retired.