Mentorship Program

Continuing education courses are a valuable method of expanding one’s knowledge base and skill set over time. However, we all know that working with an expert/senior clinician on actual patient situations is even more valuable. With this in mind, HCE offers the following professional mentoring opportunities.

On-site Clinical Mentoring – HCE can provide an expert/senior clinician, typically an instructor in the HCE continuing education programs, for onsite mentoring of a rehabilitation facility’s professional staff. This on-site mentoring will be related to current and new patients being seen at the rehabilitation facility. HCE expert/senior clinical staff will not serve in lieu of Provider’s professional staff, but will serve along-side of Provider’s professional staff in an educational, mentoring capacity. It is possible that this onsite mentoring could qualify for Supervised Hours under one or more clinical residency programs.

Specific Patient, Off-Site Mentoring – HCE expert/senior clinicians can provide input and mentoring on specific patients being seen by a rehabilitation facility’s professional staff. This is an excellent and cost effective way to extend the value of the HCE continuing education programs and to provide exceptional outcomes to your patient population. It is anticipated that this off-site mentoring could be provided via telephone or through various electronic means available through HCE Products and Tools.